Maria is a model from the UK that never got hypnotised before, but was very curious about hypnosis. She was really receptive to hypnosis and followed all the suggestions given to her, like being frozen in place, being turned into a zombie, and going back to trance when smelling her hair.

 In the videos she also played with several stage hypnosis suggestions, like believing her shoe is a phone, and becoming a chicken.

Video quality: 4K

Total length: 63m

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Induction & given a sleep trigger

  • Smelling her hair makes her go back to trance

  • Frozen in place for a long time when hearing a trigger

  • Believing she is a chicken

  • Dancing on command

  • Believing her shoe is a phone

  • Becoming a zombie

  • Trying to resist hypnosis

  • Loop trigger

  • Becoming a robot and obeying commands